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Benprom wood is part of the company for wood processing, equipped with modern sawmill which includes modern wood drying chambers and primary wood processing equipment. The wide range of production program includes production of sawn timber, wooden panels, wooden floors, angular and other battens, glued joinery elements (euro block, zink joints...), glued panels etc...



Our products are mainly made from first class raw wood materials purchased from domestic forest areas (i.e. forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina), whose wood has high characteristics. Recognizable quality of our work had opened the doors not only to buyers from Bosnia and Herzegovina but outside of Bosnia borders too.


Sawn timber

In our sophisticated production lines we are manufacturing top quality sawn timber in different dimensions depending on customer requirements. In addition, we are manufacturing various types of planks, laths and other wood assortments too. Our quality is recognized in domestic and foreign markets, and the most of the production is exported to neighboring countries.


Joinery timber

Our program of joinery timber is distinctly recognized, both in quality and in wide range of production, adapted to our customer requirements. Our products are mainly: joinery boards, laths, joinery elements (euro block, zink joints) etc...

Benprom d.o.o.

Established as a family company dealing with wood processing is existing since 1970 and as a BENPROM d.o.o. appears from 1993 with small staff, primarily from family members.


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