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Mobility is characteristic of our top quality maintenance department which is available 24 hours. To meet your requirements our well equipped service vehicles and trained professional staff with many years of experience will assist you at any time. If possible the machinery repairs and services will be performed directly at the location. For repairs that requires a large volume of work (such as dismantling of forklift assemblies), the maintenance staff will carry out in our modernly equipped workshop. We are providing transportation services as well by using our own especially made tow truck for forklift shipping.

To our loyal clients we offering:

  • - quality services at competitive prices,
  • - High quality and fast repairs,
  • - Original spare parts,
  • - Warranty on all conducted services and spare part installation

With the efficient maintenance program, we also offering a complete range of spare parts for STILL forklift trucks, which in most cases allows quick repairs directly on site.

Thorough and professional maintenance is the most important part for every forklift to operate effectively. Ignoring the regular maintenance is jeopardizing people safety and causing forklifts to fail. To prevent this for happening we are offering preventive forklift inspections which includes:

  • - cooling system fluid inspection
  • - inspection of electrolytes level in the battery
  • - inspection of brakes and adjusting the same
  • - inspection of electronic elements
  • - inspection of hydraulic elements and sealing spots
  • - inspection of engine, electric motors and generators
  • - inspection of rear trap with oiling included
  • - chassis inspection and certain parts on chassis as well
  • - inspection of tires and tire profiles

In addition to the above mentioned activities we are also providing complete reparation of forklifts and other related forklift repairs.

For any additional information please contact our service department directly or send your requests at viljuskari@benprom.ba  and we will help you as soon as possible.

With the help of our professional staff, you can order spare parts for any forklift. Delivery guarantied. Call now...



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Established as a family company dealing with wood processing is existing since 1970 and as a BENPROM d.o.o. appears from 1993 with small staff, primarily from family members.


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