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Forklift rentals


We are offering forklifts with various load capacities as well as different types, such as diesel, electric or LP Gas. Rental price is defined by the type of forklift selected, rental period and the conditions in the area were rented forklift will be used.

Rental terms and conditions are determined by BENPROM Ltd. Gornja Orahovica.

General terms are defined in rental agreement. Daily rent includes every calendar day.


  • Forklift transportation costs will be payed in advance for both directions;
  • The agreed rental period will be payed in advance;
  • To extend the existing rental agreement, notification is required 24 hours before expiry date and with BENPROM approval the agreement can be extended after additional payment is made;
  • The Lessee must deliver to the Lessor all necessary documents of registration;
  • If requested by Lessor, the Lessee is obliged to provide an insight of conditions under which the forklift will operate.


The Lessor will handover a forklift to the Lessee in perfect conditions. The Lessee is obligated to return the forklift with no delays, in perfect condition and in accordance with regulations.

The Lessee is obliged to use authorized motor fuel only. If forklift fails to work due to usage of unauthorized fuel the Lessee will financially compensate reparation of the same. For electric powered forklifts the Lessee is obliged to control the level of electrolytes in the battery to add more if necessary. The same applies for the amount of oil and coolant for motor drive forklifts.

In the event of termination of the contract, the Lessor will immediately start with the repossession of the rented forklift. For that matter the costs and expenses incurred (i.e. transportation costs, taxes) will be cover by the Lessee

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Would you like to buy a forklift?

To our customers besides renting possibilities, we are offering the possibility of purchasing the brand new forklift. More than 40 top quality forklifts to choose from us.

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Established as a family company dealing with wood processing is existing since 1970 and as a BENPROM d.o.o. appears from 1993 with small staff, primarily from family members.


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